Once Upon A Time…

A Play School Opened In Over Peover…

Autumn  2014 marked the eagerly anticipated opening of Kids’ Country’s purpose-built day nursery. Catering for children from birth to five years old, we’re passionate about the provision of quality early years care and education. We believe an outstanding play school is the difference between a child floundering as they start in life, and striking out on life’s journey confident and  sure-footed. It is our mission to ensure every child attending our play school reaches their full potential, and this goal has driven us to become a leading daycare provider.

Set in the unique rural surroundings of the quaint village of Over Peover, our nursery is packed to the rafters with impressive resources and state-of-the art equipment. We have an extensive outdoor environment with a natural green space where our children can really thrive in the fresh country air. With a small menagerie of animals (including a pony, giant snails, and a pair of rabbits) to play with and care for, there are deep roots of fun to be had hunting for bugs and building dens.

With plenty of roots in the local community, the team at Kids’ Country are huge believers in the benefits of the countryside for children’s’ development, health and wellbeing. Our Board of Directors consists of the Irlam family, who have been local to Over Peover since they were tiny themselves. Meanwhile our Nursery Manager is Sarah Brown, leader of a highly-qualified, passionate and experienced team.

Your children will never be short of fun and adventure at our unique and exceptional play school. We offer an inclusive setting where all children and their families are welcomed and valued.


We are completely committed to establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with all of our parents.

Working in partnership and having honest, open and informative communications between the home and nursery is imperative to achieving the very best outcomes for your children.

We operate an ‘Open Door Policy’, meaning you are always welcome and we will always make time for you if you need to talk about any aspects of the nursery and your child’s development.

There are many ways in which we keep our parents informed and involved in nursery life, including regular newsletters, a parent partnership group, frequent parents evenings and of course, your quality daily handovers (to mention but a few!). We really want you to be a real part of our nursery, with you and your family at the heart of everything we do.


We’re passionate about delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in its entirety. This is the early years curriculum, which focuses on child development from birth to the end of their fifth year when they are ready to start school.

When your child attends our play school you can be sure that, right from birth, all of our resources and activities are linked into the EYFS framework to ensure our children are not only having fun, but are gaining valuable experiences and learning essential life-long skills from everything they do.

Our planning system effectively covers all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We plan activities and resources around the interests and needs of each child.

We build warm, caring and secure relationships with all our children and their families, especially those in our Key Groups.

We continually ensure that all children are enjoying and achieving, that development needs are recognised early and supported appropriately. We ensure that children are progressing at a steady pace.

We plan, arrange and alter our environment and resources to compliment the current interests, needs and stages of all children


Upon enrollment at our nursery, your little one will be assigned a Key Person. This will be your ‘go-to’ practitioner who will make special efforts to build a secure and trusting relationship with your child so they can settle quickly into nursery life and feel happy and safe during their time with us. They will have the responsibility to keep an eye on your child’s developmental progress and plan fun activities tailored to your child’s individual interests and needs. So you can be assured that behind all the fun and laughter that each day will bring, there is an underpinning focus on learning and development to ensure that each child is supported to reach their full potential. Every child has a ‘Learning Journey’ which is an ongoing working document, kept electronically in keeping with the technological age; this is where we store observations, photographs and samples of work that your child creates over their time with us. All of these are linked into the Early Years Foundation Stage to monitor your child’s progress and shared with you at termly Parents Evenings. You also have access to this via your Parent Portal and we encourage you to add your own photos from home which we link into the EYFS; painting a full and informative picture of your child’s early years.


Michael and Andrew Irlam who have been local to Over Peover since they were tiny themselves, form the Board of Directors.

Sarah Brown leads our team with over ten years of early years experience, and a natural love of childcare.  Alongside her Early Years Professional Status, Sarah has a vast array of experience and training. Holly Bowers is our Acting Deputy Manager and Room Supervisor, and together they oversee the quality of teaching and learning across the whole provision. Sarah and Holly are joined by Hannah, Candice, Hev, Becky, Paige, and Ruth, creating a dynamic, inspirational leadership team who lead from the front and support our nursery practitioners to continually strive for excellence, as well as Freddie the pony – an integral part of the team!

“Educating the mind without educating

the heart is no education at all”

– Aristotle

Meet Our Shepherds

Sarah Brown
Sarah BrownOperations & Development Director
Holly Bowers
Holly BowersDeputy Manager
Georgia Estcourt
Georgia EstcourtLittle Explorers' Supervisor


Kids Country Play School, Over Peover Outstanding Childcare For Knutsford And The Surrounding Areas

“The staff are amazing, attentive and caring. They really go the extra mile to help children. Thank you for doing an amazing job.”

Kids Country Play School, Over Peover Outstanding Childcare For Knutsford And The Surrounding Areas

“I cannot recommend Kids Country enough, from amazing staff members to outstanding facilities! My little boy has attended here since he was woddling in at ten months old and now running into his class room in his smart uniform to all his friends at four years old! My little boy loves coming here, hearing the stories on the way home from his adventurous days are wonderful and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ”

Kids Country Play School, Over Peover Outstanding Childcare For Knutsford And The Surrounding Areas

“My little boy has been attending nursery for little over a year. The environments both indoors and outdoors are so spacious and exciting that it’s so lovely to see how he can explore and move around freely.

The staff are very caring of his individual needs and comforting and supportive if he ever has a wobble on drop off. Parent handovers and parents evenings are both very informative and it’s lovely to see how well everyone knows him and his development.

Overall myself and my partner are very happy with Kids Country and how they look after our little boy and make us feel special everyday!”



Kids Country Day Nursery, Over Peover Outstanding Childcare For Knutsford And The Surrounding Areas

“During my time at Kids Country I have worked within lots of supportive and diverse teams. I enjoy getting up and coming to work and feel particularly lucky that I can bring my little boy with me to a safe and engaging environment. I feel that it is a very good nursery and setting for young children to attend due to our strong bonds and relationships with our families.”

Kids Country Play School, Over Peover Outstanding Childcare For Knutsford And The Surrounding Areas

“I enjoy coming to work everyday. Kids Country is a welcoming environment, with a ‘personal’ feel for staff and families alike.  I feel part of a cohesive team and supported to achieve my role, with regular opportunities to undertake training and grow personally.  Of course my favourite part will always be working with the children. At Kids Country I am encouraged as a key-person to form strong relationships with each family and child so I can provide excellent care and quality learning opportunities – it is a very rewarding role!”



We know that choosing the perfect play school for your little angel is one of the most important decisions you will make for their development. Get in touch today and we can chat about exactly why our outstanding facilities are the perfect place to send your small seeker…