Your precious toddler will love our Mini Adventurers room where they will safely begin to take age-appropriate risks and push those boundaries; a natural part of child development. Through tight supervision of one adult to every four children, we will encourage your child to develop their physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills.
There will be lots of opportunities for messy play to promote creativity and an outdoor area that will be appropriately challenging. We recognise that at this age, children really want to be independent and “Me do it” is a frequent phrase! We will fully support this early streak of determination by encouraging your child to make their own choices and informed decisions and begin to do things for themselves with the guidance of their Key Person.
It is at this age that you are likely to start thinking about toilet training and we will work closely with you and your child to encourage and support this to ensure continuity between home and nursery for your Mini Adventurer.

“The staff in Jack’s room are warm and engaging. Paige leads with a beaming smile on her face and the children think the world of her. Emily has always got children hanging from her legs; they clearly love her! It is really reassuring to see how much the children love the ladies that look after them; there is a genuine bond which makes the nursery feel very family-focussed.” – Jack’s mummy

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