In our baby room, your tiny bundle of joy will begin their Kids’ Country journey in a calming, loving and comfortable environment where they will be cared for and nurtured to the highest standards.
Our days will be filled with exploration and investigation as we experience lots of things for the first time.
We recognise that at this tender age, each child is entirely on their own agenda and reach development milestones at very different times.
Our highly qualified staff will be led by every child’s individual needs. Your child’s Key Person will work very closely with you to ensure that they follow your child’s routine and we understand that this can alter rapidly from one week to the next as so many changes happen in these early days.
 When you are ready to start weaning your child, we will be with you every step of the way, working in tandem to fully support you both. We will operate a ‘Weaning Policy’ and our experienced Nursery Cook will prepare fresh  pureed meals for your baby as we gradually introduce different foods. We are also more than happy to support ‘Baby-led Weaning’ if this is your preferred choice.


“The team in Little Explorers are just amazing. Freddie has such a great time and they really do give him so much love and attention and plenty of one to one. It is such a good feeling for a parent, being so happy to leave him in their care. All the girls are great.” – Freddie’s mummy

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