This is currently our Pre-School room and the ratio requirements for this age group is one adult to eight children. In this room, we recognise that we are ultimately preparing our children for that next huge step to big school and we want to make sure that they are absolutely ready so in this room we introduce more structure to the day with focussed group times to develop listening, attention and speaking skills.


The layout of all rooms but particularly this one, are clearly defined into Learning Zones which include Construction, Role Play, Small World, Reading/Quiet, Music, Computer/ICT, Writing, Messy, Craft and Maths areas. The outdoor area operates on a free-flow basis, meaning that children make their own choice as to play inside or outside. We encourage as much independence as we can at this age, still providing the security and support of a Key Person.


We begin to introduce Letters and Sounds and focus on Key Skills with fun teacher-led Maths and Phonics sessions. We also love our weekly French lesson and PE session with Fizzy Tots!


“The Pre School staff have been fantastic with my son’s transition. Their hand-overs are always full of details about what Reggie has done during the day from exploring in the field, painting with twigs and what he’s eaten; all very personalised and thorough. They have all reassured me that he’s settling in well and it shows… his confidence is growing week by week. Thank you!” – Reggie’s mum

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